The Youth Group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 after the all church Super Wednesday suppers.  The meetings are open to 7th to 12th graders who attend our church and any friend who would like to attend.  Our meetings are focused on fellowship, service and mission.  We provide a safe and caring Christian atmosphere to help young people grow in faith and personal development with a strong focus on service and mission outreach.  Educational and enriching outings, local service projects, worship planning and practice, and just plain fun fill our meeting calendar.

The youth of the church have led mission work camps every year since the early 1990’s.  The initial idea behind our work camps was to offer the youth of First Presbyterian the opportunity to see, live, and share the glory of God’s work and to do God’s work in a variety of geographical locations using and learning a variety of skills to complete the mission tasks.

The mission trips have exceeded our early expectations and have grown to be a mission outreach that is now open to the entire church.  Our travels have taken us to New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, South Dakota and Mississippi.  In 1996 we began a 3-year cycle of international mission journeys to rural settings on the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico.  Our Mexican connection as been a favorite and it has given First Presbyterian a vibrant partner in mission outreach.

Through the mission outreach of the Youth Group, we have been offering faith building, knowledge increasing, building skill enhancing, and memory making experiences for almost 20 years.  The past, present and future participants are very grateful for the continued spiritual, emotional, and economic support of the First Presbyterian Church.  May we continue to work to the Glory of God.