Mission Visioning - Possibilities


            One of the major themes that came from our recent "Spirit Caf­e" was the idea of increasing our mission presence into the local community. Many have seen firsthand the effect our efforts have had over the years with our long distance mission trips. Lives have been changed and the news of the gospel has been expanded through your continuous support.

            On May 18th, an open visioning meeting was held in Fellowship Hall to hear from anyone with interest or just curious at seeking out the possibilities of expanding our mission presence in the community.  Pastor Lynn, along with Rich and Pam Reid moderated the event with a total of 14 people in attendance.  After prayer and meditation the question was asked "What are you feeling about the possibilities for an endeavor like this?"  Some themes were: excited, intrepid, willing, over whelmed, optimistic, curious, and challenged.

            Pastor Lynn asked us, what makes us passionate about mission? What drives us?  Some comments were bringing people together, serving, building, making connections, living the gospel, and working local. We also looked at the Pro's and Con’s to expanding our local mission presence. We discussed our talents and resources both human and financial. Do we have the experience, perseverance, understanding, leadership, organizational skills, and faith to step out and seek where the Holy Spirit is leading us? The strong consensus was Yes, we do! What this could look like is yet to be seen.

            Rich Reid presented the two typical Mission Trip Models, those being a Turn Key or a Do It Yourself. We have much experience at the "do it yourself" model. We connect, make complete plans, fundraise, and execute. The Turn Key is much as the name implies, you show up and all is ready. The projects, prayers, petitions, and pork and beans are ready to go. So there lies a question, "could we become a mission location of choice a catalyst for people and churches from our community and beyond?"

            What is God leading us to do? Is this the direction? Could we house strangers in our church or homes as they canvas the surrounding area to do mission projects? Would there be anxiety if we shared the use of our building with strangers during a mission event? If so, how best could we handle this? What would it take to do this? These were the thoughts, concerns, questions, and ideas expressed.

            The meeting was not a planning of events to take place this year or maybe even the next. It was a meeting to seek the Spirit's guidance to our future, an intentional outgrowth of the Spirit Cafe discussion. We ask for your active prayers, input, and efforts as we continue to seek to be in stride with Christ.

Jeff Barber